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Existing Customers

What a web site's really about, is looking after existing customers. 

Whilst we can't hope to solve every query "on line" we think that the following pages will help you with most of the common questions and requests. 

The categories are (click on the relevant subject):

Vehicle Changes 

The most common form of change.  MUST be advised PRIOR to the change over date as all certificates of motor insurance are now "specified" - i.e. the vehicle registration number is always shown.  We will need full details about the new car before we can advise any change in the premiums:

  1. Make and Specific Model  i.e. Ford Mondeo LX and if it is a hatch / estate / saloon.

  2. The Registration Number.

  3. The year of make.

  4. The engine capacity and whether it's petrol or diesel.

  5. The value to be insured - i.e. the purchase price.

  6. Details of any modifications.

  7. Details of any NON manufacturer security systems.

We will provide you with a certificate for your new car and we need the "old" certificate back.  If you require cover for 2 cars, where for example you need to sell your old car, then we can normally agree to provide up to 14 days cover for the purpose of sale.  This extension would however result in an additional premium.

Courtesy Cars
Where cover is required for a courtesy car whilst your own car is being serviced etc we can issue temporary covernotes for this purpose.  A charge is normally levied dependent upon how long cover is needed. You may also be able to obtain cover directly from the garage.

Driver Changes 

Drivers being added or deleted to an existing policy.  For additional drivers we will need the policyholder to complete an "additional drivers form" before we can make any changes.  This form gives us the details of the new driver and allows us to calculate any extra premium that might be due.  It also provides us with a signed authority from the policyholder before a new driver is added.  Once we are in receipt of the form duly signed we can amend the policy.

If you are deleting a driver then we require you to advise us which driver is to be deleted.

In all cases a certificate has to be issued for the amendment.

Cover Changes 

Cover under your policy can normally be changed when the policy is renewed or where there have been other amendments made - e.g. changing your car.  Insurers will not normally allow cover "upgrades" (i.e. from Third Party to Comprehensive) in other circumstances because of the potential fraud that they have suffered.

However cover "downgrades" ( i.e. from Comprehensive to third party fire & theft), are normally OK at any time.  Windscreen and glass cover is only available under Comprehensive policies.

Please advise us if you require any cover changes to your policy.

Address Changes 

Changing address is a simple matter.  Just tell us by phone, post or Email of your new address including the full postcode and we will update your details.  If the car will be garaged at the new address but wasn't at the old one (or vice versa !) please let us know.  Changes to your address can affect premiums as where your car is kept/garaged is a significant factor in arriving at your premiums.

Foreign Use 

All of the policies we sell give automatic cover whilst you are in the EU and the so called "Green Card" is automatically built into the cover.   Full details will be contained in your policy documents.  In these cases there is no action required and no extra premium to pay.  If you are in any doubt as to whether your policy provides this extra cover then please contact us.  In cases where a "Green Card" is still required we will need to be advised at least 14 days in advance to be sure of getting the documents to you before you travel.  There may be additional premiums in some circumstances. 

In all cases, if the trip proposed is outside the EU you need to contact us.

Lost Documents 

If you lose any documents relating to your motor insurance duplicates are available.  In a high percentage of cases it's a case of not being able to find your certificate when the car falls due to be taxed.  Often the document you need is there but not in an obvious place.  With a number of policies the certificate is not a "loose leaf" but instead is attached inside the front or back cover of the policy as a perforated page.  In other cases it's located in a "pocket" within the policy booklet.

Great care needs to be taken to ensure that you have the correct piece of paper (if and when you do find them!) and that's because the "schedule" and "certificate" can look remarkably similar.  The legal bit is the Certificate of Motor Insurance - these exact words normally appear across the top of the document - and is the item you need for taxation etc.  The other piece of paper is the schedule.  This has no legal significance and normally explains the scope of cover, policy excesses and permitted drivers.

Generally if you can find the policy booklet then the certificate and schedule are around somewhere.

If after all this you still can't locate the relevant pieces of paper then duplicates are needed. You'll need to complete a Lost Certificate Declaration and return it to us so that we can ask the insurers to issue new documentation to you.