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HomeSure Renewals.

If you have an existing policy which is due for renewal we will normally issue premium and cover details around 21 days prior to expiry.

The "renewal notice" will deal with all aspects of renewing your policy and contain any further information that might be relevant - details of any cheaper alternative quotes for example. We ALWAYS look for these and offer them where the cover and service of any new but cheaper insurer is comparable with you existing company.

As ever , the cost alone doesn't necessarily tell the full story.

Our policies are hand picked from a select group of Premier insurers.  So we include things as standard that others charge extra for.  Such things could include FREE 24hr legal and Emergency helplines, FREE accidental damage cover for TV's, Hi-Fi, VCR's etc.  So we need to be sure that any alternative quote comes up to our high standards.

However, if you have a genuine alternative quote from any other insurer which you think offers equivalent benefits at a cheaper cost we'd love to hear from you.  We'll do our utmost to try and equal or better it.

Full details about how you can renew your policy are contained in the renewal package.

If the renewal notice doesn't appear to resolve your query then use the "contact us" box  to get in touch.

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