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Home Insurance Claims


The first thing you must do:

If property is lost or theft or malicious damage is suspected YOU must immediately inform the Police and obtain a crime or lost property reference number.

You should always immediately:

  • Contact US by phone on the Helpline shown in the below schedule

  • Take all reasonable steps to recover missing property

  • Take all reasonable steps to prevent further damage

Claims Process:

By Telephoning the Helpline shown, your insurer will:

  1. take details of the loss
  2. instruct an approved supplier to contact you if appropriate
  3. where necessary arrange for someone to contact you by phone as soon as possible to discuss your claim. This person may be one of the insurers own claims staff or and independent Chartered Loss Adjuster

What you must do after making your claim:

  • tell us and provide full details in writing immediately if someone is holding you or your family responsible for damage to their property or bodily injury to them and send to us immediately any writ summons letter of claim or other document
  • if requested send written details of your claim to us within 30 days
  • supply at your own expense all reports certificated plans specification information and assistance that we may require

What you must not do:

  • admit or deny any claim made by someone else against you or your family or make any agreement with them. The insurers have the right to negotiate settle or defend any such claim in your name and on your behalf and take possession of the property insured and deal with salvage
  • abandon any property to us
  • dispose of damaged items as we may need to see them

How are claims settled?:

Buildings Contents and Personal Possessions Sections:

The Insurer will at their option repair and reinstate or replace the lost or damaged property. Where property cannot be replaced or repaired they may at their option pay in cash the amount of the loss or damage. If they do pay cash the sum payable will reflect any discounts they may have received had they replaced the property. The Sums Insured will not be reduced by any claim.

An approved supplier may be appointed where appropriate to act on their behalf to further validate your claim and they are authorised to arrange a quotation, a repair or a replacement where appropriate.

Matching sets, suites and carpets:

An individual item of a matching set of articles or suite of furniture or sanitaryware or other bathroom fittings is regarded as a single item. They will pay you for individual damaged items but not for undamaged companion pieces. Where carpeting is damaged beyond repair only the damaged carpet will be replaced and not undamaged carpet in adjoining rooms.

Will a deduction be made for wear and tear?:


There will be a deduction for clothes, furs and household linen. There will be no deduction for all other contents provided they have been maintained in good repair and the Sum Isnured represents the full value of the property.


If repair or reinstatement is carried out there will be no deduction provided that the Sum Insured represent the full value of the buildings and they have been maintained in good repair.

Other insurance policies:

If any injury loss or damage is covered by any other insurance, they will not pay more than their proportion.



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