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Get afloat with our "Plain Sailing" package.

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What do we insure ?

Speed / sports boats, Cruisers  and Personal Watercraft.

There's no doubt about it.  Boat ownership is no longer the preserve of the rich and famous with 1 in 10 of the UK population now "boat" owners.

But before you venture out onto the high seas it's worth taking some time to consider the protection that you and your boat need and deserve.  After all, a boat is likely to be a quite an investment for most of us.

What Does the Policy Cover?

Our Standard policy normally provides the following protection:

  • Accidental loss or damage to the vessel.
  • Damage caused by striking underwater objects without limit.
  • Theft of the vessel and / or outboard engines (subject to security).
  • Outboard engines falling overboard.
  • Sinking, stranding and swamping and any salvage costs.
  • Damage caused whilst in transit by road, rail, sea or air.
  • Third Party liability for a minimum of £2 million.
  • If applicable, cover for water-skiers / wake / knee boarding etc for £1 million.
  • Fire and or explosion.
  • Cover in Europe for 20 days each year.
  • Standard Policy Excess £100.  (Increased to £250 for underwater gear).
  • Use for private pleasure purposes only.

You must bear in mind that this is an outline.  A specimen of the full policy is available upon request.

Please also remember that Third Party insurance is now compulsory in most parts of the country - both inland and coastal.

How much are the premiums likely to be ?

Premiums can vary widely and are dependent upon a number of factors. Please contact us for further details.      

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