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Existing Policy Holder / FAQs.

We list below some of the more common queries that are raised by our customers who have sportsboat or sportscruiser type craft.  

This is a general guide only.  If you are in any doubt regarding a particular issue, please refer to your policy or contact us.

Of course we can deal with anything else in the normal way - just contact us.

I'm not quite sure what's covered by my policy?

Check out our policy summary - although this is a general guide it should help with your query.

What if I change my boat?

If you do change you must tell us. There's no problem if you change to a boat that's similar but we will need you to complete a new proposal form.

If you change to something completely different then you'll need to contact us - we may need to send you a revised policy.

Can I use my boat all year round?

Yes, we don't normally restrict the times when you use your boat unless you've specifically asked us to.

Who can use my boat?

Unlike car insurance, boat policies don't restrict who can use your vessel.  Therefore as long as its for pleasure use you can decide who uses it.  However you do have to show that any person in charge is competent and in the case of personal watercraft age restrictions can apply.

Where can I use my boat?

Inland and Coastal waters of the UK are covered and normally cover in the EU.  More extensive cruising areas can be agreed but you would have to contact us to discuss.

Does my cover include WakeBoarding as well as WaterSkiing?

Yes, Third Party Cover applies to both, if you have asked for this option.

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