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Boat Claims ...

Claims - it's almost inevitable that sooner or later you're going to be involved either directly or indirectly with an incident that might lead to a claim under your, or someone else's policy.

The key is to be prepared.

Most accidents that occur don't exactly fit in with the 9 - 5 hours of your average insurance company or broker.  So you need to know the basic steps to take to save time trouble and expense later.

1 Theft or Malicious Damage

Report all incidents to the Police as promptly as possible and ask them to supply you with a Crime Reference Number.  Request a claim form from us and return it with any supporting documentation you have.  This would normally consist of the purchase invoice, copies of receipts for work carried out and photographs.

2 Accidental Damage

This can encompass almost anything that results in damage.  From road traffic accidents to the craft sinking or colliding with a submerged object.  The obvious and first point to stress is that you must take all steps to safeguard the safety of any occupants before considering the well being of the vessel.  If the craft is a danger to others due to its position you should contact the Local HarbourMaster or Authority.  The Policy will cover necessary salvage charges incurred.  Once the vessel is secured ashore or safely moored then you are advised to ask 2 local repair yards to provide written estimates for repair or replacement and at the same time ask us to send you a claim form.

3 Third Party Claims - i.e. claims involving other people

These are claims that other people (including occupants in your craft) are making against you for incidents that they allege are attributable to the negligent ownership or handling of your vessel.  These types of claim can typically become very complex and expensive if not dealt with quickly (and quite often if they are dealt with quickly!) and so we would advise you to please contact us as promptly as possible.  Do not enter into any type of discussion or argument with any other party involved and please pass all correspondence onto us.

In all cases please keep written notes on everything that happens as soon as possible after it occurs.   It's all too easy to overlook something that might later  prove to be important.

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